JANUARY Favorites!!

January Favorites for Mommy & Baby

For Mommy Monday I thought I would share the items that I have found either Liam and/or myself are loving this month. There are just a few things in particular that have proven to be a lot of fun or just very useful for us and want to spread the knowledge to all of you!

Liam’s Favorites

  • Munchkin bath time letters and numbers:                 735282110207We are loving these numbers and letters during bath time! Liam loves to play with them and watch how they stick right to the sides of the bathtub. I like these because they are a good tool for teaching him numbers, letters and even colors. They are educational and fun!

***Purchased @ Target for $5.99***

  • Munchkin twist and lock sippy cup:                                         916ORAT6p3L._SL1500_The transition away from a bottle is proving to be difficult for Liam yet we are still trying! I found these sippy cups by chance and really like them. Liam is able to hold them easily and drinks water from the all day. Having him drink milk from them is the plan yet he isn’t really ready for that yet. The cup is amazing! It locks into place, is only two pieces and doesn’t leak! I have a feeling that I will have to get a few more of these soon.

***Purchased @ Target for $6.99***

  • Lion walker:                                                                                        Y9854-musical-lion-walker-d-8Liam is starting to walk and since he is very unstable on his feet, especially with shoes, this lion walker has come in very handy. He literally will push this around all day if I let him. He crawls right up to it and pulls himself up and is off running. Whenever he sees the lion he gets very excited because he feels safe when he walks with it. This is probably his most favorite item for the month of January!

***Can be Purchased @ Target for $19.99***

My Favorites aka Mommy’s Favorites

  • Yes to Coconut line:                                                                                18_YTCO_hair_bundleYes to Coconut Polishing Body Scrub 2_jpeg      This month I have absolutely fallen in love with this Yes to Coconut line. I have the shampoo & conditioner, the body scrub and the hand lotion. There are many different Yes To lines however the coconut one is by far the best smelling one. All of the products have such amazing moisture and are all natural. You feel good using it while you make yourself smell so amazing!! I highly recommend this line of beauty products!

***Can be found @ Target, Ulta or Online***

  • Better Skin concealer:                                                    2289028This concealer is one of the best I have ever used! Being a mom has been amazing but has added dark circles under my eyes. I found this product a little late in the game but better late than never. It works so well and doesn’t feel caked on. I love the Better Skin foundation and now can say that I love the concealer as well! Plenty of shades to pick from and it’s very cost effective which is also a major plus!

***Purchased @ Target for $10.99***

  • Secret coconut deodorant:                                                  deopicBeing a stay at home mom means that I am moving everywhere and constantly with this little one year old. It was hard for me to find a deodorant that actually worked until I found this one. The coconut smell is my favorite but other than that it works like it should. I am not a super sweaty and smelly person but being so active I do need something that works. Now this isn’t all natural but I love it and it does the job like it should!

***Purchased @ Target for $3.99***

  • Elf blush pallet:                                                                                       2elfblushpaletteELF products are amazing and if you don’t know what they are then you must go to your local Target right away and find the ELF beauty isle! This blush pallet cost me $6 and I use it every day! I love the colors and you can’t beat the price. The pigment is so nice and it stays all day which can be difficult for a lot of other blush products I’ve tried. So next time you are in Target pick up this Light Blush Pallet and you will not regret the purchase!

***Purchased @ Target for $6.00***

I hope you all enjoyed our January favorites!! Please make sure to go check out my YouTube channel where I have a video for this post up and running!!

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xoxo Megan

Back In The Blog Game!!

Hey everyone!!

So I know it has been way too long since I did a blog post!! Life with a one year old has been crazy hectic lately but now I am ready to get back into the blog game.

My plan for blogging originally was not a very realistic plan and I realize that now. I now know that the idea of posting Monday-Friday was good however it wasn’t something that I really was able to accomplish for too long. With saying that I do still want to post often but not 5 times a week. Having a strict schedule might be good for some people but that is not the way I work.

The new blog schedule will be a go with the flow schedule. I will post every Monday however beyond that there might be 2 more blog posts for the week or there might just be 1. I want to give you guys content that is genuine and not forced and in order to do that I can’t have a strict post everyday type of set up.

I will post every Monday to go along with my Mommy Mondays that I have on my YouTube channel. Each Monday I post a video on YouTube pertaining to Mommy and/or Baby items. So each Monday when those videos go up so will a blog post =) Hopefully you can all enjoy the blog post along with joining me on YouTube!

It’s a new year and I have a new motivation to get this blog up and running again!! Look out for those Mommy Monday blog posts and so much more fun heading your way!!

Thank you for joining this crazy ride that I call life!

xoxo Megan

Mommy Must Haves

New Mama Must Haves

Being a new mama is very hard no matter what type of delivery you had or which number baby you are on. A newborn comes with some serious attention and time commitments which in turn makes your life crazy! Having a few essentials might make this crazy roller coaster of having a newborn somewhat easier or at least manageable =)

What helped me as a mom get through the first intense week and the remainder of the first month or so. I am not sharing what I used for the baby these items were just what I used for myself. **I must note that I am a first time mom so some things might not apply to a person who has more than one child**

Mommy Essentials:

  • Good bra- Even if you aren’t nursing those boobs will get large and leak so make sure to have a comfortable night time and day time bra. If you are nursing make sure you get a good quality nursing bra that is easy to use and comfortable.
  • Comfortable clothing- You want to make yourself comfortable not fashionable. When you are past those first few weeks you can think about going back to cute clothes. If you want to enjoy the baby try to make yourself comfortable and happy. I’m not saying wear baggy frumpy clothes just something not too tight and easy to be comfortable.
  • Netflix/Hulu/YouTube- You will spend a lot of time taking care of the baby either sitting on the couch or on your bed so it is nice to have something to watch. Find a good TV show to get into to or watch some good movies. I found Netflix, Hulu and YouTube helped me get through those somewhat boring days.
  • Easy to eat/Ready meals- Hunger will hit you at the worst times, especially if your nursing, so make sure to have food that is easy to prepare. I found having healthy granola bars or little packaged snacks came in handy very often. I also had pre-made meals that could be heated up quickly when you are STARVING!! Lots of food will be consumed so stock up before baby gets here!
  • Feminine product basket- The after math of having a baby is not pretty for your lady parts so you will become very familiar with the giant pads you saw when you were shown the puberty video in Junior High. I found it very helpful to have a basket filled with all the supplies I needed in the upstairs bathroom and the downstairs one. I had giant pads, witch hazel, a perineal bottle, disposable underwear, and numbing spray in the basket and it sat on top of the toilet. Having it easily accessible is the key so that you can get what you need done before the baby needs you again. A basic basket will do or you can use an empty shoe box. I actually found that after your done with all the post baby things the basket comes in handy to hold your other woman products on a regular basis =)
  • Cute water jug- You need to drink a ton of water while pregnant and that about doubles after you have the baby. Drinking a lot of water will help with your milk supply and help flush everything out of your system. Staying hydrated is hard if you dont like water or find it hard to drink water. I found that by having a large cute jug or bottle I was more willing to drink the water. Make sure to fill it up constantly through out the day and maybe even add fruit or lemon to jazz up the water.

I really hope that you were able to take some ideas from my new mama essentials list =) Being a new mom is hard but it is very rewarding!! Good luck and you will all do amazing!!

xoxo Megan

What is my baby’s style?


Baby Style Tag

   Recently I did a video on my YouTube channel called the Baby Style Tag. I really enjoyed answering the questions about my little guy and decided to write a blog post about the exact same topic =)

I will answer a list of questions and discuss my little guy’s style according to the question. Hopefully you enjoy reading about how stylish my little guy is!!


1. Where are your favorite places to shop for baby?

  • My favorite place to shop for Liam is Target. I think Target is my favorite place to shop for anything because they have everything you could need! Because my baby grew very fast he went through clothes so quickly and still is. I don’t want to spend too much money on clothes if he is just going to go through them after one use. Target, Ross and pretty much anywhere that has a sale I am willing to shop for my little guy!! $5 dollar shirts and shorts work perfectly for a SoCal mom on a budget =)

2. What is your favorite accessory for baby?

  • If Liam were a little girl I have a feeling this answer would be about a page long however he isn’t so the answer is short and sweet. He doesn’t have any accessories. He doesn’t need shoes yet and he will not wear hats! I try but he pulls off anything I put on his head.

3. Do you ever shop secondhand?

  • For the most part I don’t need to shop secondhand because the clothing where I shop is priced very well. I have found a few outfits at a used store but they looked practically new so I was totally OK with putting them on Liam. I did get a bunch of used clothes from friends who were done having kids but I didn’t purchase them. I am OK with secondhand items but there is just no need most of the time

4. Do you ever splurge on baby items?

  • I try my best not to splurge on Liam when it comes to toys, clothes or any not needed item. If it is something that he absolutely needs then I will get it for him. The biggest splurge we did was probably his carseats and stroller but that is something that he did need. I try to let everyone else splurge on him so that way I dont really need to. I know that in the future I will splurge on him a lot since his birthday is so close to Christmas so I am trying not to now. He also doesnt know the difference at this age so there is no need.

5. How would you describe your baby’s style?

  • Liam’s style is very basic and cute. Since it has been summer these last few months in SoCal the temperatures have been extremely hot!! He has been wearing shorts and short sleeve t-shirts, onsies or rompers every day. He is comfortable and looks cute. If it gets colder he will wear jeans and long sleeves but it still will be simple patterns and colors. I like very simple outfits for him since he is such a rough and tough little guy. He might not be the most stylish kid on the playground but he is adorable!!

6. Do you ever match your outfits to your baby’s outfits?

  • I try my best not to match our entire family up. We don’t have matching outfits however we do sometimes end up all wearing the same color or we have coordinating outfits. Nothing is done on purpose but it sometimes just ends up that way when we are out in public. For Christmas I might match us all up but we will see what my husband says to that first 😉

7. Do you dress your baby every day, or do you have pajama days?

  • Since the day he was born I have made a point in getting myself and Liam ready for the day every single day. When he was tiny we might have just gone from upstairs to downstairs but we were always ready. I did this in order to make my day feel accomplished in some way. If I never got to the laundry or the dishes I still got dressed, had some makeup on and brushed my teeth. It made me feel human and lets be honest having a new baby can make you feel like an alien at some point =) So no we have never had a PJ day not even once. He might have been cute in his PJ’s as a tiny baby but I still got him dressed in something every day!

8. Does your baby have more clothes than you?

  • When he was first born yes he did. He had an entire full closet and his dresser was full in every drawer. Now that he is 10 months old and in 2T clothing he is somewhat limited in the amount of clothes. I buy him only what he needs and he wears it until he cant anymore. I don’t plan on passing down all the clothes he has now to anyone so he is able to wear them out. At the moment I do have more clothes than he does but that wasn’t the case when he was born.

9. What’s your favorite item in your baby’s closet right now?

  • My favorite item in his closet is a shirt that my husband got him from the Google campus up in Northern California. He was there for a meeting and got him a Father & Son Android shirt. It is adorable because it is as if it’s Liam and his daddy. I am hoping that my husband gets himself a matching shirt so that I can at least get a cute picture. I love that my husband picked it out so it is my favorite by far!

10. What colors look best on your baby?

  • Liam is a little read headed baby even though it is just baby fuzz right now so when he wears colors like red or orange he looks very pale. Even though he looks pale he is still adorable to me so I dress him in any color. He looks cute no matter what I put on him so for now he can pull off any color. The red hair and light skin might affect what he wears in the future but for now he doesn’t need to worry about it =)

I hope you enjoyed reading about my little guys style! Leave me a comment down below if you have any questions or if maybe you have done this Tag =) Make sure to go check out my YouTube channel!!


xoxo Megan

Different Next Time Around

Different Next Time Around

When you are a first time mom there are so many things you learn on purpose and just for survival. You might choose to do something a certain way and realize that isn’t probably the best way. I believe that the first child is a “guinea pig” baby in a sense. You are testing out your parenting styles on that child. Now this is coming from a first kid so I have a little understanding as to how I was the test kid for my parents compared to my little brother and sister. My mom learned from her mistakes and triumphs when it came to parenting me so that she was better equipped once she had my siblings. I don’t really feel bad for first kids because I am one but I do see how it is kind of a bummer in a way.

Knowing what I do know about being the first kid I tried to do my best for my little first born. Try as I might to be the “perfect” mommy to him there are a few things I realize should have been done differently. There is no such thing as perfect and I understand that however if I have another baby I will try to change things up a little bit. I probably will learn about a million more things with my next baby but for now I have to go off of what little Liam threw my way!!

5 Things I will do differently

  1. Breastfeeding: Such a major sensitive topic when it comes to my first baby. I planned on breastfeeding Liam for an entire year if possible and I got a total of maybe 5 weeks. I was completely devastated for a very long time. Since then I have gotten better about the topic yet it is still a sensitive one that isn’t brought up too much if I can help it. After I had Liam 3 weeks early it took my body 5 days to produce milk. This is a very long time and so I had to supplement with formula. He got used to the on demand milk that he never liked breastfeeding even when my milk was in. I pumped all that I could yet the milk never fully came in. I was very distraught about it all and finally decided to give up and just stick with the bottle. Next time that will not be the case. If my body doesn’t produce again I will do everything medically possible to get that milk supply going. My entire focus will be on getting breastfeeding going. If for some reason it doesn’t work I know I can always go to formula and bottles but my main goal next baby is BREASTFEEDING!!!! I actually am very excited to have another baby so that I can experience breastfeeding again. I want it to be a joyful experience and not be such a disappointing one.
  2. Tummy time: Everyone knows that a baby needs to have tummy time to build their neck muscles and to give their heads a chance to stay round. Well for Liam that was not a fun experience at all!! When I say not at all I mean he would scream bloody murder and bury his face in the carpet the moment he was on his tummy. Since he hated it no matter what we did he didn’t get as much time on his belly as he should have. He loved being on his back and left alone. He now has a head shape that is not so round by any means. We have had two doctors tell us that his head will eventually round out and it is not as bad as they have seen before. Liam could have been a good candidate for a head shaping helmet however since it was just a cosmetic thing and not a medical necessity we declined the use of a helmet. Yes I have gotten those “omg look at that kids head” looks from EVERYONE!!!  His head is flat on the backside yet his face is as perfect as can be. Once he could roll over his head started to round out but it is a very slow process. He will probably always have a slightly flat head but it’s something that we just have to deal with since he is developing perfectly! Next baby will have much more tummy time from the very start in hopes to not have another flat head baby. More tummy time and from the very first day might also make the next baby like being on his or her belly and make the process much easier. Tummy time is a must for anymore kids that I have!!
  3. Baby wearing: This topic goes along with the tummy time topic. My son didn’t like to be held very much unless he was being fed so baby wearing was not done. I also was told not to wear him because he would get used to being held and would never want to be put down. This was a load of crap in my opinion because at 10 months old that is all that he wants is to be held. I didn’t hold him all the time as a baby and yet he still wants to be held as a toddler. So in my opinion a toddler will want to be held no matter what. You could wear them all the time or not and it won’t change how they act as a toddler. Next baby will probably be in a wrap or carrier at all times during the day since I will be very busy with Liam as a very active little boy. I want to have that close feeling with my baby so I plan on baby wearing as much as I can. This also will help with the head shape issues.
  4. Write everything down: When you are in the middle of pregnancy you think that you will be totally equipped for taking care of a newborn and you will remember everything! Well the truth is that there are so many things to remember with a new baby that you can’t keep it all straight. Writing everything down would have helped so much. It also would have given me a chance to lock in those memories. I started a scrapbook and a baby book for Liam so that I can keep track of his milestones yet I wish I had written down all the little things. Next time around I will have a toddler and a baby so I will most definitely need to write everything down before it leaves my brain forever. New mom brain is worse than pregnancy brain!!
  5. Newborn/Family pictures: I wish we had taken professional newborn and family pictures when Liam was brand new. We did do a photo shoot of our own and got some really cute pictures of Liam. We don’t have very many family pictures because we didn’t get that professional taking them. I was planning on making photography appointments after the holidays but my little guy decided to be 3 weeks early and came 2 days after Christmas. Not having those last three weeks to plan things out like pictures made it almost impossible and so now we don’t have all the pictures that I really wish we had. It also didn’t help that I was not in the mood for any pictures of myself =) Next baby I will schedule that photographer well in advance so I can have as many cute newborn and family pictures as possible!

There might be many more things that I will change the next go around but these were the top 5. I loved being a first time mom but I know that there are things I could have done just a little bit better or differently. The first kid gets all the kinks out in a way and makes you such a better and more confident mom and human being. Once you have a baby you feel like you can do anything and everything!!

I love my “guinea pic” baby!!!

I hope you enjoyed this topic and please let me know what you will do differently next time around =)

xoxo Megan 

Unpoppable Bubbles

Try it out Tuesday: Unpoppable Bubbles

For this Tuesday I plan on trying out an idea I found on Pinterest. I went on the website and typed in “Life Hacks” and so many different things popped up. As I scrolled through them a certain one just stood out to me. It was a recipe for unpoppable bubbles. The idea sounds too good to be true since I always get bubbles that pop super quick. My 10 month old loves bubbles yet they pop too quickly for him so I thought why not try this out and see what happens!!


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup corn syrup
  • 2 cups regular strength dish soap
  • Large bowl
  • bubble wand



  • Mix all ingredients in a large enough bowl
  • Pour into a bubble container (optional)
  • Have a bubble wand so that you can blow the bubbles
  • Enjoy

Well after making the bubble liquid I tried it out for my son. At first the bubbles popped immediately making them very poppable unlike how they should have been.  However when I tried blowing them over a sheet they stayed blown up for a while yet they did pop.

IMG_20151027_180343 This is what it looked like when I blew it over the sheet. They would just pop if blew up over the ground.

IMG_20151027_180346 Now when the bubble popped it was more like a deflation instead of an actual pop. It left a very sticky residue that was not very fun to clean up.

Overall these “non poppable” bubbles were a hoax!! I had high hopes for this try it out and it just didn’t work. Regular bubbles might pop but so do these and the sticky leftover is no fun to clean up. I would stick with the regular bubbles next time =)

I hope you enjoyed this Try it out Tuesday even though we found something that didn’t work. Leave me a comment down below if you have a bubble recipe for bubbles that actually don’t pop.

xoxo Megan



Diaper Madness!!

Diapers….Diapers….More Diapers Everywhere!!

Do you use cloth diapers or disposable diapers? It sounds like there is a battle when it comes to this question among mothers. Some are so for the more eco friendly cloth diapers where others think it’s crazy to cloth diaper. Everyone has strong opinions when it comes to this topic yet that’s not where I’m going to go with this blog post today =) We will save that topic for another Mommy Monday!

For today’s Mommy Monday I am going to be targeting those moms and dads that have chosen to go down the disposable diaper route. This is the route that my husband and I chose so I wanted to share what diapers we found that we loved and those that we hated just because they didn’t work!! I am not sponsored by any of these companies. I am a normal mom who wants to share what I’ve tried and learned from to all of you.

Diapers we LOVED!!!

  1. Our number one love of diapers is the brand LUVS!! We stumbled across these when he was about 4 months old and we had to run to the store real quick as we were out of town and out of diapers. My mom and I were in the diaper isle and she asked “Want to try out Luvs this time?” And we have been hooked ever since!! They fit my son perfectly and don’t leak. It was very hard to find a diaper that worked for him and all his boy parts. Many other diapers just didn’t absorb pee from a boy. Everything is at the front of that diaper so that is where the leak guard needs to be and we found that Luvs did that. This first time mom chose LUVS!!
  2. Another brand that we found which work almost as well as Luvs is the Up & Up Target brand. I got a better deal on this brand the last time I had to buy diapers so I went with it. I try not to much too much per diaper and so I went with the Target brand and ended up really liking them. They fit him perfectly and absorb all that they need to. I would highly recommend the Up & Up line of diapers. Also everyone loves Target so it is a fun experience shopping for these diapers =)
  3. The more expensive diapers that we loved were Pampers and Honest Company. Before my son was born we stocked up on diapers either from what we bought or what we were given. In that stockpile there were a lot of pampers diapers and we loved them! However when we had to buy them for ourselves we saw just how expensive Pampers were and couldn’t justify the cost. The same goes for the Honest Company diapers. I loved the diapers and wipes yet could not afford the diapers. The entire Honest line is amazing so I highly recommend them yet it was not in the budget for us.

Diapers we didn’t love so much!!

  1. The number one diaper that I just cannot stand is Huggies!!! There are people that swear by this brand and I just cannot do it. I tried the newborn stage and even the stage 1 diapers and HATED them. I know that hate is a strong word yet it is very true in this case. They never fitted right and they would not absorb what they needed to. I also have had to use their swim diapers and I will say those work OK but all swim diapers are not too great in my opinion. I also had Huggies wipes and was not a fan of those. Nothing worked for us when it came to that brand however it might work for others.
  2.  Parent’s Choice comes in 2nd on our not like list. This diaper is probably more tied with the Huggies rather than in 2nd. Parent’s Choice is the Walmart brand of diapers and we found them to be horrible! I got them in a diaper cake and gave them a try in newborn and size 1. Each time they leaked all over the place. Since he is a boy Liam pees and it goes straight up the front of the diaper. Every night we would get him up and there would be pee all over him and his bed. It only took a few bad leaks to steer me straight away from this brand. I will say that Parent’s Choice wipes are OK but they are not the best. Overall Parent’s Choice is not this Parent’s Choice.
  3.  While trying to stock up on diapers I found a few of the pharmacy brand diapers were nothing to write home about. They worked yet didn’t do a great job. I tried CVS brand, Wallgreens Brand and a few other odd ball brands. A good price is not always worth it in the end.

Finding a diaper that works takes time. I recommend that you try anything and everything because you never know what will work for your little one. I also recommend that you stock up on diapers before that baby gets here. Even if you get a little bit of each brand it is better than nothing.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trials and errors when it comes to the world of diapers. Please leave a comment down below and let me know what your favorite diaper is =)

***Also come check out my YouTube video***


xoxo Megan

What’s our night time routine?

Night Time Routine

Having your life be routine could be boring for lots of adults but for a baby that is exactly what they need. I read all about getting a baby on a routine as soon as you come home from the hospital in about every baby book there was. It sounded like that was the number one piece of advice given by anyone and everyone. Before having Liam it never occurred to me that a baby needs such discipline to their day even from the start. A baby will do what it will do, or so I thought.

Yes babies will sometimes decided what they want to do however they also do really well if you chose a routine and stick with it. They learn how things are going to go from the start and in turn make your life much easier later on. My baby is only 10 months old so I am not an expert by any means. I do however have some tips and tricks that I would like to share with you all and hopefully it could help you out!! =)

When it comes to a night time routine you will have to change the routine up a little bit every few months as they grow up because things change. Your baby will not sleep all day for the rest of their lives so you have to be somewhat flexible with a routine that you start. Don’t let this discourage you because you do need to have some type of routine in place from the get go.

Let me give you a little run down on what we found that works for our baby:

***This might not work for every baby. Try different things out and design a routine that works for your baby and family.***

Evening and Night Routine @ 10 months old:

  • 4 pm: Wake up from nap. I feed him a bottle if it is time or he has a small snack of fruit or puffs.
  • 5:30 pm: We make sure to go outside either for a walk or to the park. I want to give him some fresh air and some kind of activity. This activity will change as he gets older.
  • 6 pm: I feed him dinner and hopefully I am able to eat at the same time as he does =) I make sure to feed him something filling to try and help him sleep through the night.
  • 6:30 pm: Bath time. He loves the bath so I take this time to use calming bubble bath and wash and we play in the warm water and get him nice and clean. He takes a bath EVERY night!! If he for some reason doesn’t take a bath you can tell by the way he acts through out the night. He doesn’t have sensitive skin so taking a bath every night isn’t bad for him.
  • 6:50 pm: After the bath we go into his room and he gets a baby massage every night. He doesn’t like this however I still do it because he needs to have soft skin and the calming lotion is good for falling asleep. We get him into comfy pj’s and he usually gets his pacifier back. (He now only has a pacifier when it’s sleeping time)
  • 7 pm: This is usually when my husband gets home so he comes up stairs in Liam’s room and plays with him. Most of the time Liam is exhausted by this point so it’s a quick say hi to dad time and try not to cry too much.
  • After playtime we turn off the lights and turn on his projector and music. We rock in the chair and he has his night time bottle. I make sure to have him finish the bottle but not fall asleep in my arms. By laying him down tired but not asleep he learns how to put himself to sleep and not rely on me which is a major plus if he wakes up during the night.
  • I make sure to turn his projector off and switch his music to white noise before I leave the room. We also have a fan on to regulate the temperature since we live in Southern California and it’s 100 degrees during the Fall =(
  • He falls asleep usually about 5-10 minutes after we leave the room and stays asleep until 6-7. If he does wake up in the middle of the night we handle it how we do when we put him to sleep. He gets rocked and laid down not completely asleep. At 4 months and 8 months if was more of a challenge but those are sleep regression times.

I do have to stress that you do the same routine, no matter what it is, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!! If you do it every night they will pick up on the cues and will soon enjoy or look forward to going to bed. Also make sure that the routine is realistic for the age and personality of your baby. Don’t pick a routine that’s meant for a 10 month old if your baby is 2 months old. Trust me the sleep patterns of a young baby are completely different! Also if you find that your baby is not liking something or reacting weird to what your doing don’t be afraid to change the routine up a little. If you do make a change stick with that change for a little while to see if it works.

Sticking to a routine might be hard but it is a must and you will be thankful that you got one in place!!

It did take us a few months to come up with this routine so don’t worry if it doesn’t come easily at first. We also change up the times a little as he gets older but the activities stay the same. He always has a snack, plays outside, eats dinner, has a bath, has daddy time, drinks a bottle & rocks, and goes to bed. Consistency is the key when it comes to a night time routine.

I also have a morning routine yet it is not as strict as the night time one. To me the night time was the most important from day 1. I wanted him to sleep through the night so that I could. That might sound selfish but it’s the truth!! I love to sleep!! During the day I am already awake so the routine is there but nothing strict at all.

I hope you enjoyed this Whatever Wednesday!! If you have any questions or if you want to know what his schedule was when he was younger just leave me a comment down below.

xoxo Megan

Baby Halloween Craft

Ghostly Bating Out Craft

Having a baby around is fun because you get to see the world all over again through your child’s eyes. However babies are not able to do too many things like older toddlers or young children are able to do. What types of cute holiday crafts can you do? Well if you have ever heard of the website Pinterest then you are able to find out the answer to any question you probably have ever known. For those of you who don’t know what Pinterest is it is a website where people set up boards for all different topics. You then “pin” an article, story, picture or link to the corresponding board. It is as if you have a bulletin board for every topic you could ever want. For example you could have a baby board, wedding board or even a travel board. You look through a long list of different “pins” and you then repin them to your board so that you can check out the link later. People find so many cool ideas and projects on Pinterest.

For this Try it out Tuesday I decided to go onto Pinterest and find a Halloween craft that my baby and I could do. I like to find simple crafts that are fun to do especially if I am doing it with Liam. On the site I found a bunch of different crafts that had to do with painting their feet and creating ghosts. I also found a cute idea with hands or feet that are put together to create a bat. So after finding so many cute pictures I decided to try it out and share with you my results.

Let me give you a big WARNING!!! This could be a very messy craft because it has to do with a baby and paint so please be aware of that and prep everything completely before baby gets involved!!!! Also have lots of wipes on hand to clean up any mess there might be!!


  • Baby =) Best supply there is
  • Paint (I chose to do white for the ghost and black for the bat)
  • Paper plate (To put the paint on)
  • Paper (I used construction paper however it can any type)
  • Sponge brush (Helps get it on the foot or hand without having too much)
  • Highchair or Bumbo seat to keep baby occupied and safe until its time to press their hands or feet down
  • Wipes and lots of them!!


Ghostly Craft

  • It is a good idea to do this craft when your baby is happy preferably right after a nap =)
  • I prepped the area first with putting the paint on a paper plate, getting out the sponge brushes, setting up the paper, and getting the chair ready. (I used a highchair)
  • Once baby was up from a nap I got him down to just a diaper so that way clean up would be only on the skin and not on any clothing.
  • I put him in his highchair and made sure that he was safe before I started painting.
  • Since the paper was set up I got straight to painting his foot white.
  • Hold the foot as far away from the baby so that way they can’t touch the paint. Paint the entire foot and toes completely. You can make it as thick as you want however that foot will move a lot when being pressed down so keep that in mind.
  • Next I held his painted foot in one hand and used my body and other hand to lift him out of the highchair.
  • I then took his foot and pressed it onto the paper that I had set up.
  • Quickly I put him back into the highchair and wiped his foot off.
  • I repeated the steps for his other foot.
  • Now you have two feet on the paper that you are going to turn into ghosts.
  • Take the white paint and outline the ghost and take the black paint to create the eyes and mouth.
  • You can decorate the rest of the paper like I did if you would like.
  • Enjoy your cute little baby feet ghost craft =)

IMG_20151020_170945 - Edited

Bat Craft

This bat craft was done a little differently on Pinterest because I believe it was done by older children. My baby is 10 months old so he moves way too much to put paint on his hands (when I am doing this craft alone) so I decided not to do it that way. Instead of putting the paint directly on his hands I traced his hands and thought it still turned out cute =)


  • Paper (I used orange construction paper)
  • Black & White Paint (Black for the body and white for the eyes and teeth)
  • Pen (To trace the hands)
  • Baby hands (Cutest supply by far)
  • Brush (Any kind to paint the hands)


  • I had my son sit on my lap with the construction paper only accessible to his one hand. That way he didn’t grab the paper while I was tracing.
  • I held his hand down on the paper and used my other hand to trace the outline of his hand.
  • Then repeated the step with the next hand after I lined up the thumbs.
  • I had to kind of create the bottom part of the bat because he is a baby and moved a lot!!
  • The rest of the craft is up to you =)
  • I took paint and painted in the bat but made sure to keep it looking like hands.
  • You can add a little face and ears to it to really make it look like a bat.
  • You can decorate the rest of the paper like I did if you would like.
  • Enjoy your cute little baby hand bat craft =)


I found that I enjoyed this craft more than my baby did but that’s ok because he is only 10 months old and he doesn’t really like anything. It was so cute seeing his reaction to the paint on his foot and to me tracing his hands. He wiggled a lot but it was still worth it. I am so excited to do more holiday crafts with him. Next year he will be able to do more which is super exciting!!

Hopefully you enjoyed this Try it out Tuesday!! Please leave me a comment if you enjoyed and if you tried it out with your baby. I would love to see what you all created and hear if your little one had fun!!

***Remember this could be messy and that’s not my fault =)But it will be fun***

xoxo Megan


Baby Names…

Names, names, and more names!!

For this Mommy Monday I thought I would share with you all the baby names that I love but wont be using because I am not planning on having hundreds of children! I would love to have a bunch of kids just so that I could name them all the names that I like however that’s not reality =)  Also I want to give you all a little background as to why my son’s name is what it is. A lot of people ask me why or how I chose his name so here is the answer! Let’s have fun and maybe I will suggest a name that you like and you are more than welcome to use it! Now I will not be sharing the names that I am planning on using for my future baby or babies because I want those names to stay a secret until that day comes =)

***First why is my son’s name Liam?***


Even before I was pregnant I kept thinking about how cute the name Liam was. It was a name that would just pop into my head whenever the talk of baby names came up. Its surprising how many girls know what they are going to name their children even when they are children themselves. So when I did find out that I was having a baby my husband and I went round and round when it came to choosing a boy name. We had the girl name down super fast however the boy name didn’t come so easily. I wanted to have a name for each gender before we found out what we were having. I would come up with a list of names and Wayne would say “no” or “ugh” to every single name!! It was so frustrating!! Each time I brought up the name Liam he would say “oh like Liam Neeson?” After a while I responded with “Yes because nobody messes with Liam Neeson!” So after countless names being thrown out we decided to stick with the one we kept going back to Liam. Sure enough at that 20 week ultrasound we saw that we were having a Liam and couldn’t have been happier!! In the future when he asks about his name he will get the same story, “your named after a badass actor!” I had no idea that Liam was the #2 name for boys born in 2014 so come soccer or school time there will be a lot of Liam’s running around =)

Bay Boy Names we wont use

  • Emmett- My husband said no to this name because he knew somebody with this name
  • Owen- Again I was shot down =(
  • Declan- Love the name but it didn’t flow with the middle and last name
  • Spencer- Liam was almost a Spencer but it just didn’t feel right
  • Patrick- LOVE this name but don’t like the nick name Pat because I had a grandma named Pat and it sounds feminine to me not masculine
  • Laken- Loved this name as a teenager but it probably would be looked at as weird if I named a baby this
  • Holden- Love this name but just not the right fit
  • Landon- If we had twin boys I wanted them to be Liam & Landon
  • Rory- Husband wasn’t a fan
  • Oliver- My in-laws have a dog named Oliver

Baby Girl Name we wont use

  • Adaline- Love this name but it doesn’t flow with my son’s name or our last name
  • Evelyn- Always loved this name so maybe we will have an animal with this name someday
  • Olivia- My husband said no to this name
  • Kailyn- When I was 15 this was the name I chose for my future daughter and now it doesn’t appeal to me as much
  • Addison- Love the name but we know so many of them
  • Freya- Watched a show with a girl named this and fell in love with the name and the meaning but it doesn’t fit with our last name
  • Mila- Again love it but doesn’t go with the last name
  • Ryann- Absolutely love that this is normally a boys name
  • Sarah- Love the simplicity of the name but we know so many of them
  • Addalynn- A mix of two names that I love

I am obsessed with names!! If I know somebody is having a baby or just had one I want to know what they named him or her. Not sure why I like names so much but I do =) I once even named a strangers baby!! There was a web page called “Name our Baby” and you would submit names to be reviewed by the parents to be. Well I chose this opportunity to give them all the ideas I had. A few months pasted and I completely forgot about the whole thing until one day. On the website they shared that they had the baby boy and his name was given to them by ME!!! =) They had my submitted user name and a big thank you. It was really cool that I had named a strangers baby!! His name was Hudson.

Hopefully you like some of these names or just got a kick out of reading about Liam’s name. If you like any of these names or maybe are going to use one of them leave me a comment down below!! Again I am not going to share the few that I have stored away for future babies. You will have to wait and see if I use those in the future =)

xoxo Megan